Broadcast Writing

Broadcast writing piece on Jeffrey Brown, who spoke at Elon University’s eleventh annual James P. Elder lecture series.

Co-anchor and senior correspondent for the PBS NewsHour nightly news program, Jeffrey Brown, called this year’s election a horserace Tuesday night at Elon University.

Brown, the author of “Politics and Poetry: One Reporter’s Notebook,” spoke about politics, today’s journalism and what it takes to be an informed citizen.((SOT/JUANITA JAMES))

“There’s so much out there that you can find pretty much anything.”

Brown’s speech was given as part of Elon’s eleventh annual James P. Elder lecture series.

He noted that, with today’s twenty-four hour news cycle, we absorb information differently than before.

“There’s not that many events we all learn form in the same place anymore.”

Brown encouraged his audience to seek out differing perspectives.

“If you want to be an informed citizen than you must open yourself to more than just the niches you want to be a part of.”

Some of those “niches” include political parties. Brown said the constant coverage of this year’s political election is neither good nor bad, but overwhelmingly different than previous elections. Though the news is ever-changing, Brown says he notices patterns in the stories he covers.

“Most every story refers back to something I’ve done before.”

While Brown interviews generals and political leaders, he makes sure he himself gathers a well-rounded view on the subjects he reports on.

“I’m always careful to talk to the writers and thinkers as well.”

You can catch Emmy Award winner Jeffrey Brown on the PBS NewsHour.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.56.16 AM
Jeffrey Brown speaking at Elon University. Photo by Lily Hamilton.

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